romantic ideas

Romantic ideas to say “I Love You!” to your husband don’t have to be complicated or expensive.  In fact, since Dale and I decided to simplify our lives a few years ago, we have found many ways to express our love and devotion to one another.

Falling in love is such a great, life-changing experience so you want to hold on to that love forever.  Think about this, love is the only emotion that brings you more joy when you give something away to another person. Don’t you get a happy feeling when you do something nice for your husband?  Whether it’s cooking him his favorite meal or writing him an encouraging love letter, you can’t help but feel happiness.

It is so easy for married couple to take each other for granted, especially those who have been married for many years. You can’t let that happen.  You have to commit yourself to regular expressions of love and devotion to your spouse.  Being in love for several years shouldn’t mean you have to stop expressing your love to one another.  Little romantic gestures can help you keep the fires burning brightly in your relationship. And remember, the more you do for your husband the happier you will feel, but that’s not all. By giving to him, you increase the likelihood that he will reciprocate by showing you romantic gestures too.

I am sure you will agree we need more romance in our lives.  In our fast-paced, complicated world, we need to show our love and support to our spouse and vice versa.  We need to open our hearts and share sweet romantic moments with our mate. The romantic ideas below are designed to help you put a big smile on your husband’s face and keep the romance alive and well in your marriage.

So once you find your soul mate, you want to do everything you can to keep that love alive and flourishing.  One way to make sure that the love doesn’t fade away is coming up with romantic ideas to keep the romance alive daily. I have seven romantic ideas I want to share with you in this post today. There are many more that I will pass along in future posts, but let’s focus on these first seven now.

7 Romantic Ideas For Married Couples 

  1. Send Romantic Text Messages.

    Most of us use text messages on daily basis. But do you ever text your husband to say, “I love you?” Texts may be a good way to stay connected, but you could also use it to express just how you feel. You can send a line about how eager you are to meet them in the evening, or you can even use it to say something naughty to make your sweetheart blush and go pink!

  2. Romantic Candlelight Dinner.

    You can plan a candlelight dinner at home, or spend an evening at a cozy restaurant. After all, candlelight dinners are one of the most romantic ideas to express your love to the special someone in your life. The warm glow of candles make everything seem so mellow and hazy, and the soft lights will only make both of you look sexier and feel more in love!

  3. Watch a romantic movie.

    If both of you don’t feel like taking the effort to dress up and head out somewhere, just bring the romance into your living room. Pick a romantic movie that both of you haven’t watched yet, snuggle up, order in and spend a lazy afternoon in each other’s arms

  4. Little gifts.

    Give your boyfriend or girlfriend a special gift every now and then. It doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to hold a lot of personal meaning to it. Every little gift you give, be it a bar of chocolate, flowers or even a toy or a game will show your partner that they’re on your mind all the time.

  5. Love letters.

    Love letters are the kind of romantic ideas that can last a lifetime because they’re so special and meaningful. It doesn’t matter if you have no clue about how to write one. All you need to do is put pen on paper and just let your words flow. Before you know it, you would have expressed just how you feel about your partner.  Let them know how happy you are to have them in your life.

  6. Massages.

    A foot massage or a backrub after a long day will show your appreciation for your lover. And if you have some time on your hands over a weekend then spare a few hours for him. Simply, run your hands all over him and give him a romantic, sensual massage. Who knows where that will lead for the two of you?

  7. Romantic vacations.

    Nothing beats a good romantic or exciting vacation to bring the rush of romance back into our lives. If you can afford it, make time to plan at least one vacation with each other every year. It’ll create new memories and make your lives more exciting too.

The next time you feel an overwhelming rush of happy love and just want to express all of that to your lover, use these 7 romantic ideas for a start to reconnect with your mate.  These romantic tips will surely help both of you feel more romantic, passionate and it’ll help improve communication between the two of you.  It will bring you both a lot closer too!  And that’s always good for strengthening your marriage.

Don’t ever let the romance in your marriage fade away or worse yet fade away. Sometimes, the best romantic ideas are also the easiest and the simplest ones to execute. Always look for ways to show your affection to your husband or wife. You’ll find that there will always be new and exciting romantic ideas in your lives, all the time!

Now it is time to take action….which one of these will you use first?