Marriage Retreat

A marriage retreat just might be what the doctor ordered if your relationship is hurting or lost its passion.  In fact, many marriage psychologists do prescribe these retreats to help husbands and wives to rekindle the love, excitement and passion for one another. Dale and I found that it can help in so many areas, including communication, sex and boredom.

Boredom?  That’s something you feel when you can’t find anything good on TV or none of your friends want to hang out with you, right?  That is not how you describe one of the challenges in your marriage.  Wrong!  In fact, boredom is one of the major issues for many married couples which affects their emotional and physical attraction to their partner that leads to potential conflicts in the relationship.

At the beginning of most marriages, no one ever thinks about going on a marriage retreat because everything is new and fascinating for both the partners. As the the months turn into years, marriages become stale and couples quit communicating and the relationship can fall into a routine with a loss of attraction and affection. Does this sound familiar?  Is this your marriage we are talking about? Don’t worry.  There is still hope for you.

It is funny how you get busy with your daily routine and work and while you live in the same house your don’t really have time for each other.  You may find that the lack of time for each other will lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. If this goes unchecked, you will begin to lose the magic and spark in your relationship.  You can’t let that happen.  You have to work at keeping the passion alive and well.

A Marriage Retreat Can Rekindle The Love And Passion

There are many options you can try to improve your marriage.  Hopefully, you are doing regular date nights and they are helpful, but sometimes you need more than that.  Dale and I love our marriage retreats, particularly one for couples who are seeking help from the boredom in their relationship. As I said earlier, the main reason for boredom and loss of passion is that most couples are not giving enough time to each other.

A properly organized marriage retreat can breathe new life into a struggling relationship.  You have to spend some quality time with your spouse and re-open your lines of communication.  A simple solution may be to go away to a tranquil place for a nice vacation for just the two you.  Use this time to remember the happier moments that you and your spouse had spent together in the early days of your married life.

When deciding on a location for your marriage retreat, select a serene, out-of-the-way place so that you can get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy work and family life and focus on your relationship. This quiet, solitary, committed time gives you an opportunity to express your feelings about your mate and make them realize how much you need them in your life.

A Guided Retreat Helps Communication

If you go on a professionally-guided retreat, you will probably be asked to write your thoughts and feelings on paper before you say them verbally to your mate. This will help you to clearly communicate to your spouse your love and deepest emotions.  You need to embrace writing as a way to communicate to your partner.  You may write romantic poems, little love songs or simple love letters to your spouse. No matter what you write, it helps to promote the love you once had for each other and that can lead to rekindling of the marriage.

The primary advantage of a marriage retreat is that it offers a unique opportunity for self-assessment for each partner and the the marriage itself. Hopefully, on a personal level, you will think about your personal behavior toward your mate and discover your shortcomings and begin to fix them. When you judge yourself honestly, you will come to know the areas you need to work on  and understand what you should do to meet the needs of your partner. Most couples find that marriage retreats help them re-establish good lines of communication between each other which leads to significant positive changes in your relationship.

A marriage retreat to improve your marriage is great rekindle your relationship and to make your married life full of pleasure and enjoyment.

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