Soul Mate Definition

Soul Mate definition ….according to Webster’s dictionary, it is a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond. But ladies, here is the Debbie definition: Soul Mates are personal sweethearts who make each other laugh. They comfort each other in times of sadness and pain.  Soul Mates build each other up through loving  compliments and encouragement,  They are always there for one another in good times and bad.  My honey, Dale, is my soul mate who I cherish tremendously.  So let me just say this, there is nothing magical or mysterious about soul mates.  It is all about love and commitment to that one special person and sharing life’s journey with them.

From my perspective, I like to say they are best friends who are usually married to one another.  They are in a deeply committed life-long, loving relationship who only want what is best for one another.  I would love to get your feedback. I want your own personal soul mate definition so after reading this, please post your own definition and let’s see what our Soul Mate Community has to say.

Why it is so important to have your own Soul Mate Definition…

I feel a strong need to share with you why I think it is important to have your own personal soul mate definition.  And to recognize our personal soul mates in life.  When we identify our spouse as our soul mate, we are putting a premium on them and the relationship we have with them.  And this is huge step in building a life-long, happy marriage that we all want to enjoy and cherish.

It really hurts me to see marriages fail.  I hate to see the pain that divorce causes for the entire family, especially, the kids.  I know divorce is a fact of life and that many marriages cannot be saved, but the reason I started this blog and the Soul Mate Community is to encourage and to provide inspiration for married couples in their life journey together.  Dale and I want to help other women to keep the happiness in their marriage.

You know, life is full of a lot of negative crap that can bring people down.  Stuff that drains the life out of you and creates even more negativity that none of us needs.  Dale and I want this Simple Life Soul Mates blog to be a place for you renew your spirit.  We want you to re-energize yourself so you can be a better wife and mother.

Ok, now it is your turn!  I need you to post your Soul Mate Definition below…..

I hope you will join our Soul Mate Community today to enrich your personal life and relationships, but also help Pay it Forward to other members by sharing your comments and ideas.  That is what we are all about at Simple Life Soul Mates…..friends helping friends build a happy, healthy marriage.

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