love compatibility

Love compatibility is the key to a happy marriage.  It is essential to building a soul mate relationship with your husband.  I absolutely love my husband, Dale, and the things he does to make me a happy wife. I can’t help but brag about him and how much he works to make our marriage so special.

While we usually don’t read enough about them, there are plenty of happily married couples in this world.  Husband and wives love and care for each other dearly.  These fulfilling marriages begin with love compatibility between the two spouses.

Let me define what I mean by love compatibility.  While some people talk about love compatibility in terms of each mate’s zodiac sign that is not what I am referring to in my Debbie definition.  My definition of  love compatibility is about how two people are able to exist together without significant problems or conflict. To me, love compatibility is about the give and take that husbands and wives are willing to make to build a lasting, loving relationship.

Love Compatibility Keys to a Happy Marriage

  • Love compatibility means you have to love yourself first.  No spouse can fully and completely love their mate without having a strong self-esteem.  You have to feel good about who you are today. You need to value what you have to offer your spouse and the world, in general.  Unfortunately, low self-esteem by one spouse can create so many problems in a relationship. By the same token, your mate should be a great source of support to you in developing a stronger sense of self-worth.  Make sure are working developing a better, more confident you.  There are many great resources to help you including this self-improvement site here.
  • A happy marriage requires each spouse to respect one another in all ways.  You will always have different opinions on various subjects, but you must learn to express those differences in a loving, respectful manner.  Love compatibility will require you to bite your tongue from time-to-time.  You should never resort to name calling no matter how much you disagree with your mate.
  • One of the most important keys to a happy marriage is regular expressions of love to your spouse. Whether it is simple kiss, a warm embrace, a kind compliment or other outward expressions of love, every fulfilling marriage needs them on a regular basis.  One of the things that Dale and I appreciate most from one another are short, encouraging hand-written notes, texts or emails.  These simple notes say so much about the love we feel for one another.  On a daily basis, we try to have an attitude of gratitude toward one another and what we do for each other. This type of attitude created a very loving environment for our relationship to grow into the soul mate marriage we have today.

More Love Compatibility Keys

  • A happy marriage requires couples to pick their battles carefully.  Sure, we all fight and quarrel in our marriage, but you need to pick only those battles that are really important to you.  Here is a question for you, what is more important to you…a peaceful, loving marriage or one in which you always get what you want?  How important is to win every argument? Hopefully, not that important.  Nagging your spouse about every little thing will lead to a frustrated mate who will resent you.  That is a sure way to destroy your marriage so pick your battles carefully.
  • A happy marriage needs two humble mates who are okay with admitting when they are wrong. This  is never easy for anyone.  Humility means setting aside your ego and recognizing that even you could have made a mistake.  Sometimes the easiest way to admit that your were wrong is through humor.  Be willing to laugh at your own mistakes then move on.  Isn’t that a better way to go rather than letting anger and bitterness get the best of you and your relationship?
  • Your marriage should be your personal ministry.  Dale and I learned after nearly losing our marriage to divorce over twenty years ago that our marriage is a ministry that requires a lot of attention and care.  We learned to serve each other daily. When you give unconditionally to your spouse they will do the same for you. Give freely and give often!

Love compatibility is not something magical or mysterious. It is about the effort you put into your marriage and your mate.  Try to give to your mate more than they give to you.  If you are both giving, then you both will be rewarded with a happy marriage.