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Say I Love You to your husband when he needs you the most.  Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and solve all your husband problems in one magical swoop? I know I do.  I hate to see Dale hurting from the stress of work and life, in general.

Even though I still haven’t found that magic wand, I have learned to collect tips and advice to add to my “how to cope with stress” tool box so I can whip out that healing tool when my husband has a bad day.  I have found a way to say I love you to my husband through little acts of kindness.

7  Ways To Say I Love You  To Your Hurting Husband:

Give Him Space

When your husband has challenging days at work as often as mine does in managing a large staff, you learn that some days he needs to talk and other days he just needs to turn on the TV and vegetate. Let him know, with words, that you are there for him and for anything he needs, then let him choose what would help the most.  Definitely don’t hit him with family or personal issues when he first gets home from work.  Give him some time and space to chill out and relax.

Focus on the Good

When he is in the mood to talk, let him vent so he can let the negativity of the day go.  Once he is done sharing with you his burdens then find things for him to feel good about. I like to make Dale his favorite dinner or a special dessert.  The little things that makes him smile can go a long way to cheer him up. Focus on the good things in life; remembering how much we have to be thankful for is always a good idea.

Say Thank You

Thank him, for all his hard work and everything he does for you so that you can have a home and family together. Gratitude is a powerful force and when you shower it upon your husband, it has the power to instantly lift his mood and make him feel like the king of the world. And we all know hubbies love that, right?

Make Him Laugh

This doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian to do this. Simply, watch his favorite comedy on TV or share a funny video or joke with him. It is amazing how a hilarious episode of Impractical Jokers or Modern Family can release so much stress and tension.  Laughter truly is the best medicine in many cases.

Touch Him

A husband who is hurting or stressed out needs to be touched.  Hold his hand, hug him tight, put a hand on his shoulder. Whatever way he likes to be touched, use the power of touch to connect and soothe your spouse.

Flirt With Him

Men don’t need to be the king of the world, but they do need to be the king of  “your” world.  Make him feel like your king by flirting with him and showing him affection. Flirting is one of the most direct and fun ways to say I Love You.. It’s also a way you get to have fun, make him laugh and touch him at the same time. It’s like a triple scoop ice cream cone. The truth of the matter is you should serve this up to him every day.  It will mean more happy days for both of you.

Just Listen

Ladies, quit looking for magic wands to wave and problems to fix when all our husbands need is just our love and listening ear.  That’s right, they want you to hear them out just like we do.  Your hubby just needs time to vent and clear their mind. Say I love you with this simple act and you will greatly improve your marriage while increasing your own personal happiness.

The best thing we can do as wives is to say I love you to our husbands on a daily basis through one or more of these seven simple acts.  Practicing these on a daily basis will dramatically change your marriage for you and your husband.

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