my husband is my rock

My husband is my Rock.  That’s right, Dale is the one person I know I can lean on in troubled times.  Let me explain in a little more detail.

One of our sons is currently going through a difficult time.  As a mom, we want to fix everything for our kids.  It’s one of the hardest things in the world watching your child hurt, and knowing its something they have to work through.  While we can certainly guide them, ultimately its something they have to resolve.  I say all of this, because last night I had a major meltdown.  My heart was breaking for our son and I just lost it.  Dale was my rock.  He let me cry, throw a temper tantrum, yell, stomp my feet – not something I’m proud of, I assure you.  He just held my and told me it would be ok.

We are in this together…

Yes, it still hurts my heart, but I know we’re in this together.  We will help our son, and we will get through this.  It means the world to me knowing I have this man as my partner, my soul mate in this life.  Had Dale brushed me off, or just sat there, it would have created a wall.  A wall that can be built brick by brick or by a harsh word, negative comment, or silence when words are necessary.  Almost like losing a piece of trust in your spouse.

When you are feeling vulnerable, raw or fragile, it is in these moments that love, trust and an emotional connection can be met and deepened.  Or if we aren’t careful, the opposite happens. We feel unheard, unloved or we don’t feel valued.  We sometimes expect that our spouse will react one way when we need them to react in a different way.   Our expectations are often one way when reality is something totally different.  It is these opportunities that either strengthen our relationships, or pull them apart.

My Husband Is My Rock

I am so grateful that I have a spouse who is sensitive to my needs.  While we may not always get it right, and there have been many times when we haven’t.  We try and understand what each other need in those moments when things fall apart, or as I like to say, when life happens.  I am very glad to know that my husband is my rock in troubled times.


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