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Is your Marriage Relationship everything you dreamed it would be before the wedding?  If not, let me share some advice on how to strengthen it.

In talking to many couples over the years, Dale and I found that most couples share the same common experience after their wedding.  They find that in a matter of a few months after their wedding and the honeymoon that married life can become boring and mundane.  Everything between the couple become very routine.  The once bright light in their life begins to dim.

It is like they had big dreams for their marriage relationship, but the dream seems to fade away.  And before they know it daily living, jobs and other factors take away the romance. They withdraw to their usual routines and the magic of the fairy tale romance is gone.

If you are a member of our Simple Life Soul Mates community, you know we don’t like to dwell on the negative.  Not at all, Dale and I like to focus on the solutions.  So in this case, the answer lies in the couples themselves.

5 Steps to Happy Marriage Relationship

  1. Establish Clear Goals and Expectations.

    For your marriage relationship to really flourish throughout the years, you have to know what you want from your spouse and your relationship with him.  The two of you must share a common vision and be focused on achieving it.

  2. Respect Each Other’s Differences.

    Couples need to understand and respect each other’s opinions.  In a healthy marriage relationship, each person is going to have a  unique way of thinking.  This uniqueness is usually part of what attracted you to your husband in the first place. Respect his decision-making ability and embrace each other’s ideas.

  3. Listen Carefully and Communicate Clearly.

    All of us could do a better job of listening to everyone in our life.  When it come to our spouse, we must listen to them carefully without interrupting them.  Once you have completely heard them out then communicate your thoughts clearly and concisely.  Good clear communication between spouses is one of most important keys to a happy marriage relationship

  4. Forgive, Forget and Forge On.

    Disagreements and full-blown arguments are very normal in any marriage.  When this occurs, make sure you fight fair by avoiding hurtful cheap shots and name calling.  State your case clearly and be prepared to stand your ground on the truly important things.  Compromise where you can and then find the common ground you share with your hubby to build a consensus agreement. Finally and most importantly, set your pride aside and do the right thing for the long-term benefit of your marriage.  Specifically, forgive each other, forget things said in the heat of battle and forge on in your relationship.

  5. Show Your Love and Affection Daily.

    Everyday, couples should show their love to one another. Hugging, Kissing, Holding Hands and other physical actions speak volumes about your love and affection for your mate.  As often times as possible, let your husband know that you love him.  Do little things to show your love, like making him a romantic dinner for just the two of you.  Go on regular date nights. It is said that little things can produce big results.  These little things will strengthen your marriage everyday.


As the saying goes, “Marriage is not a game.” The individual you married should be your soul mate.  It is someone you will  the rest of your life with in good times and bad. All marriage relationships go through some periods of discomfort and despair.

Many marriages fall short and struggle because of things like pride, selfishness and lack of self-control.  You must work at your marriage every day. Marriage can either be a source of joy or bitterness. The success of your marriage depends on you and your husbands willingness to sacrifice your personal pride.  You have to be ready to compromise for the sake of the marriage.

You and your spouse must be dedicated to one another through good times and bad.  Work on your marriage relationship daily.  If you do, you will enjoy a long, loving marriage relationship filled with happiness.

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