laughter in marriage

Laughter in marriage is so important for a vibrant, healthy relationship.  Unfortunately, too many marriages lack laughter and fun. If yours is one of those then it’s time to get the humor back into your relationship.

I love to laugh. To me, humor from a man is sexy. That is one of the qualities I love about my hubby, Dale, he make me laugh frequently.  That is one of the things that makes him a very sexy man.  I think that is why so many women find guys like Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Seth Meyers and others with a great sense of humor sexy.  Guys like that have sex appeal even if you wouldn’t normally define them that way simply based on their appearance. Often, humor is what attracts you to a partner but we forget to keep that in our marriage.   We get too busy with real life stresses and strains.  What a shame!

Laughter In Marriage Creates A Stronger Bond

Most of the time, women find funny men intrinsically attractive because they have a cool, confident manner. A good sense of humor can help you keep the spark in your marriage. Think about stand-up comedians for a second; most are by no means classically attractive, but they take a commanding stance on the stage.  They own the podium and their audience as they share funny stories and jokes. The chances are you and your husband find the same things funny. That is a great bonding experience! Couples who laugh together are more likely to stay together.

Somebody who is naturally funny can usually have a whole table or party in their control in a matter of seconds. They can also win anybody over with their quick wit because it’s impressive, clever, and laughing makes a person feel good. So really, what they are doing is showing that they are powerful beings through their humor, and you are being turned on by that power. Humor is a real turn-on!

Laughter In Marriage Is Sexy!

Let’s face it, power is sexy. This is one of the reasons that many young women end up with older men.  They love men who are in control.  It is also why men are considered sexy well into their fifties; power is a serious aphrodisiac. It is an even bigger plus to being with someone who is humorous. Men who are playful with their quick wit are usually playful in bed  and that is a very sexy thing.  Don’t you agree?  Woo!  I think I am having a hot flash.  Calm down, girl.

If you are like me, you love laughing with your spouse.  Laughing can lead to intimacy so that is another reason for bringing a touch of humor into your marriage. Having a good laugh together and being open to that is a real turn on as it cements your similarities and just makes you feel good. When we laugh, we feel good.  We feel sexier and act sexier, because our inhibitions are lowered. Now that has to be good for any marriage!

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